LA teachers union is racially profiling parents who want schools opened


The United Teachers’ Union of Los Angeles has members, allegedly under the direction of a demented president, who are racially profiling parents. They are trying to racially profile people who want to reopen the school.

The children are suffering but they seem to think the schools can’t open until they get their entire left-wing agenda, including the Green New Deal, in place.

They now say that once everyone gets two shots, the schools can open. Obviously, everyone won’t get shots, and even if they did, the UTLA would do what they always do — move the goalposts.

The UTLA president Cecily Myart-Cruz, a truly stupid woman, is behind this and has claimed rich white parents want schools to reopen.

Watch. She thinks it’s a “rushed return?” How stupid she is. It has been a year.:

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