This is what Granholm will say to people losing their jobs in energy



Not a McCain fan, but this is a decent question of Secretary Granholm, a radical leftist.

“Secretary Granholm, I thought President Biden was a little tone-deaf when he told coal miners who will lose their jobs to simply, quote, ‘learn to code,’” McCain began. “John Kerry made a similar comment saying miners could pivot to building solar panels. These just aren’t options for most workers, and these employment retraining programs have a really poor record of leading to actual jobs.”

McCain then asked what she’d say to those who found her comments insulting and who might lose their jobs.

“Well, I mean, first of all, if they want to code, of course, that opportunity should be made available to them,” Granholm replied. “However, there are so many jobs in this clean energy space, Meghan, that have skills that are commensurate with the skills that they used in previous jobs.”

Granholm went on to argue that the “clean energy space” would ultimately create millions more jobs than the fossil fuel industry had, noting the need for miners to procure the “critical” raw materials needed for new types of batteries and touting the possibility of transitioning to geothermal electricity.

How many decades will that take? That’s especially true since alternative energy isn’t ready for the speed at which these leftist lunatics are moving.

In the meantime, what will these people without jobs use to feed themselves and their families?


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Borg Hive Collective Dystopia
Borg Hive Collective Dystopia
3 years ago

You mean coding Dominion machines?
If you clean them with a Bleachbit cloth then you don’t have to code them anymore.
Energy is a construct of the white male capitalist pig patriarchy and must banished to the dustbin of history.
A 55 gallon drum with some rat kebabs roasting over a fire will be plenty of energy for the fundamental transformation.
Ever seen those pictures of third world s-holes with garbage everywhere, shirtless and shoeless people and streetwalkers?
It is coming here before 2024 courtesy of the enlightened CPUSA beings.

3 years ago

Unicorn make believe jobs selling out to China and Wall Street.