Biden’s African-American advisor sent racist tweets


Joe Biden’s National Director for African-American Engagement, Trey Baker, has authored a number of anti-white tweets, including quoting people instructing him to not “bring a white girl home,” The National Pulse writes.

He has also tweeted in 2009 wondering why “white people love bagels so much” and tweeted about “white girls at Ole Miss” in comparison to “Nupes” – the nicknames for members of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity.


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1 year ago

Some of the most Racist and Bigoted people I’ve ever met were Black. They seem to hate anyone, even other Blacks who are not part of their “Tribe”. And don’t ever be a Hard Working Conservative Black, that can get you killed in the Projects. Democrats need Race as an issue to keep Blacks and Hispanics on the Government Plantation, because when a Black or Hispanic man gets a good job he becomes a Republican.

Borg Hive Collective Dystopia
Borg Hive Collective Dystopia
1 year ago

Bagels? We don’t need any stinking bagels.
That could be construed as anti-Semitic?
Put your El Presidente outfit on comrade Baker.
Director for African-American engagement?
Do all races get a director for engagement?
No? That’s racist!