LA teachers union’s socialist demands for reopening


The LA Union Free School District, which recently settled cases against pedophile teachers for $25 million, will only have teachers to reopen with guarantees of a far-left political policy in place. At least that is what the United Teachers of Los Angeles claims in their policy paper outlining their conditions for reopening.


They criticize the President in the policy piece they issued, demanding a wealth and millionaires tax, and the defunding of police. What do these extreme demands have to do with the virus and reopening schools?

They falsely claim “police violence is a leading cause of death and trauma for Black people.” Based on this false, easily disproved claim, they want the police defunded.

The paper insists they won’t reopen without these changes or a vaccine.

“But until a vaccine or cure is available, starting school without policies in place to mitigate viral spread and provide additional student supports will almost certainly compound the pandemic’s outsize trauma on those students and their families,” the paper insists although one does not logically follow the other.

Fraudulent Claims

They further claim that structural racism puts minorities more in danger of COVID-19.

Structural racism means nothing. It’s an amorphous term that cannot be defined, and thus, cannot be attacked. There is zero evidence our structures are racist.

This paper also calls for a wealth tax that is meant to destroy capitalism. It’s the first thing dictators do when they take over a country.

They see capitalism and profit as evil. “…the United States has chosen to prioritize profits over people,” the paper reads.

The paper is a socialist/communist manifesto, using minorities as the impetus, the cudgel, the excuse for this radical change. They claim that without these changes, they can’t safely open.

If you wonder why our schools are a mess and our children are coming out as radical leftists, consider the teachers.

In one moment, using the virus as an excuse, they will use our public schools to turn the nation into a state without the rich or the police. Call them what they are — communists.

Read it and see:

La schools wants a far-left agenda by Maura on Scribd

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago

That mayor will be of no assistance. Those schools stay closed, but not a dime will be saved.

In this case, I want to be a spectator, to a train wreck. Many parents will be angry.