Laken Riley’s Parents Were at Trump’s Rally


Biden said he should not have called Laken Riley’s alleged killer an illegal because he will always respect these people. He said he should have called them “undocumented.”

During his State of the Union speech, Biden called Laken Riley “Lincoln Riley” after Rep. Greene forced him to acknowledge her existence and death.

The contrast between the policies of the two men is stark.

The Riley family attended Trump’s rally in Georgia, and Trump is seen in the clip below hugging Laken’s mother. The family’s tragedy is beyond words. Biden and his advisors are responsible for this death and at least 3,000 others by illegals each year.

Biden is always political and only cares about political advantage. Laken puts him at a disadvantage, so he doesn’t care about her.

Donald Trump said the Riley family were at his Georgia rally, and spoke of Laken.

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