Larry Kudlow wants children back in school, the left doesn’t


Larry Kudlow is trending on Twitter because he wants the blue cities to send the children back to school. Every nation in Europe and elsewhere has sent the children back to school and there has not been a resurgence of the virus. Whatever they are doing is what we should do. Youth don’t get the disease generally and they don’t spread it.

“Just go back to school, we can do that,” White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said. “And you know, you can social distance, you can get your temperature taken, you can be tested, you can have distancing — come on, it’s not that hard.”

That has triggered the leftists. They do not want the children to go back to school. They’re hoping it will hurt the President and will do it at the expense of the children who really need to be in school.

The left is infuriated. CNN is livid.

The Daily Beast editor went on the attack.

A writer for the far-left was on it.

So was this far-left filmmaker/writer.

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