New York State wants to take over the NYPD, that’s not an improvement


New York Attorney General Leticia James wants to put the community in control of the New York City police. Between the mayor and the governor, one of the finest police departments in the nation is being destroyed.

James wants to strip the authority over the NYPD from the mayor and appoint an independent community panel to oversee the police and hire the commissioner. The panel would be under the control of the state. That’s probably not an improvement.

She blames the NYPD for the misbehavior of the ‘protesters,’ falsely claiming they were abusing the [violent] protesters. One comment shoved a female protester and that appears to be the impetus.

The new rules, no matter who implements them, will put social workers on the front lines for some calls. It’s an insane idea.

According to a Marist poll, 55% of New Yorkers want to defund the police. If true, the New York community is sicker than even thought.

The Mayor is about to pass police reforms that include defunding the police by $1 billion. The reforms will make it very hard for officers to arrest anyone.

New rules would require police officers to carry their own liability insurance. They want to make policing so unattractive that no one will want the job. Then they can fill the positions with their left-wing social workers who are loyal to the hard left.

Retirements are understandably up 411% at the New York Police Department so the department placed limits on retirement.


There is hope. This group of Brooklyn residents marched in support of the police:

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billybob texas
billybob texas
1 year ago

YEP! DO IT !!!! Shut down all those cops!! Keep them ALL inside their stations until y’all can get them all shut down and closed up.
I’m sure the streets will be MUCH safer without those pesky cops patrolling….DO IT@!!@

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
1 year ago

Turning NY over to the mobs, Socialists ruling the police, violent crime will explode.