Larry Summers: AI Replaces “Almost All Forms of Human Labor”


Democrat economist and globalist technocrat Larry Summers has been the go-to person in both the Clinton and Obama administrations. He is currently a member of the Open AI board of directors.

He recently said that artificial intelligence will eventually replace almost all labor. For example, robots will do the job doctors do.

Giving a few examples, he predicted, “AI will substitute for a doctor making a difficult diagnosis… before it substitutes for a nurse’s ability to hold a patient’s hand when the patient is frightened.”

AI is only as good as what’s put into it. If that’s the case, it will be as good as the global masters, and we know how they operate.

Overall, what kind of world are we facing where nearly all human labor is not done with human contact, caring, and sympathy? How will people become productive in this world?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Summers says that once they fully ramp up, the technocrats of the Fourth Industrial Revolution will bring this about and make it happen quickly. He estimates it would take 3 to 5 years or so.

He spoke at the Fortune Innovation Forum in Hong Kong last week. He spoke adamantly about AI taking over almost every job.

“If one takes a view over the next generation, this could be the biggest thing that has happened in economic history since the Industrial Revolution,” Summers said. This offers the prospect of not replacing some forms of human labor, but almost all forms of human labor.”

Larry loves AI:

So, what happens to humans who don’t have jobs? The people who are what the World Economic Forum’s philosopher historian Yuval Harrari calls “useless people?”

The useless class:

Money must be set aside for their Universal Basic Income and central bank-controlled money. They can set these useless people up with virtual reality and video games, and there are always drugs. The globalists will live in robot-built mansions and drive around in magnificent robot-made cars.

Larry Summers is not alone. There are thousands of powerful people just like him behind this movement.

It makes one wonder if people like Bill Gates and the other globalists have a depopulation plan in mind.

Hell, no!

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