MSNBC & Lanny Davis: Trump’s “Going Down, Prison Fears Rise”


MSNBC, a leftist activist network, let the dogs loose as Donald Trump’s Manhattan trial with compromised Judge Merchan approaches. Hillary Clinton’s friend, Lanny Davis, once represented witness Michael Cohen. Cohen is the convicted liar who will testify in the Trump trial. Davis is a lawyer, but mostly, he’s a sharp-witted liar for the far-left.

MSNBC and Davis want to convince you this trial represents a very serious criminal charge, and they suggest Donald Trump is going to prison. DJT might be convicted and sentenced, and Merchan might put him in prison pending appeal, but not because it’s a serious charge or even legitimate.

The clip below is a brief clip of a 12-minute interview in which Lanny lies through his teeth, and the reporter pretends it’s a serious interview. I watched it so you didn’t have to.

Lanny claims there are two serious crimes: one federal and one state. However, he fails to mention that Alvin Bragg, who originally said there was no crime, converted a federal misdemeanor into a state felony just for DJT.

MSNBC spoke with Michael Avenatti who is in jail for various crimes. He is anti-Trump but during the interview, he explained why he thinks this is a bad case to take on. Lanny actually compared the two lying criminals and said Lanny’s better than Avenatti and should be believed.

As the prosecutors of the Southern District of New York said, Lanny ignored Avenatti’s points about Cohen’s inability to tell the truth. He just decided Cohen is better than Avenatti.

Lanny claimed there was no doubt there was a federal crime even though the SDNY refused to charge DJT.

This is a 20-year-old case and the so-called victim, a dishonest hooker accused of beating her husband, said in 2018 that it never happened.

In the rest of the clip titled, He’s Going Down, Trump’s Prison Fears Rise as Trial Insider Previews Damning Case, Lanny blathers about how Trump paid off Stormy via Michael Cohen. That was the advice Cohen gave. M

MSNBC went all out with that title.

He claims the facts of the crime are powerful, and Cohen is very credible. Interviewer Ari asks Lanny about the case coming to trial now – after seven years. It’s actually almost 20 since the incident happened. Lanny claimed the delay was partly “due to a violent insurrection” that Trump “promoted.” He is talking about the riot and the paraders in the Capitol on J6. No one was convicted of insurrection because it was a riot. Lanny is pretending this isn’t a political hatchet job to eliminate Biden’s opponent.

This isn’t a hush-money case. It’s a typical NDA case – non-disclosure agreement – to get rid of a pest. However, Lanny made the point that it’s about campaign finance. Democrats use campaign finance to get Republicans, but it never works the other way.

Ari then said, “the divergent paths and accountability” are bad news for the RICO case and his “failed coup and insurrection.”

Donald Trump questioned the election and did it through constitutional means that Democrats and the media didn’t agree with, and that is the truth.

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