Last Migrant Cop Attacker Is Free


The only illegal alien behind bars for the gang attack on two NYPD cops in Times Square is free now after a Lutheran Church posted his $15,000 bail. He’s loose, who knows where.

Yohenry Brito, 24, walked out of jail Tuesday after Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Bay Ridge put up the money, the church’s pastor said.

“Our church is basically a sanctuary,” the Rev. Juan Ruiz told The Post on Wednesday. “We assume that people are innocent until they are proven otherwise.”

Ruiz also cited “the politically charged context” surrounding the case against Brito and the other migrants accused of ganging up on the cops, adding that “there is a lot more than what is being publicized.

“Sanctuary gives you that kind of breathing space.”

The DA recommended bail for Brito to be set at $15,000 cash or a $50,000 bond because he allegedly sparked the scuffle with the cops and had two pending misdemeanor cases.

All of these cop-beaters are loose on the streets.

Here’s the crime:

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