Latest Distraction: The Phony Patriot Front Nazis


On July 7, 2024, the Patriot Front, an alleged right-wing organization, marched through downtown Nashville, Tennessee, with approximately 150-250 members. The group carried flags with swastikas and chanted slogans promoting white supremacy and deportation.

It raised the expected negative reaction on social media. Allegedly, tourists don’t want to come to Nashville because of it. They never do anything except march. They usually don’t have swastikas or chant Nazi slogans. They’ve stepped it up a notch as the Democrat liars are exposed.

This is the latest distraction from the Hell that is the Democrat-led USA, which is in a constant state of crisis. The Patriot Front looks like FBI informants and other operatives. They coincidentally always appear at the times Democrats need them.

There is no evidence they are FBI, but their behavior and timing raise suspicions. Also, the operatives on J6 and the Whitmer kidnapping cases led to a lack of trust in the FBI and DoJ. We can thank Democrats for that.

Do you remember even half the hoaxes they started?

Russiagate, pings from the Trump Tower, Russian trolls affected the election, Urkainegate over a letter, the dossier, Alfa Bank, mysterious bombs on J5 and J6, bloodbath hoax, day one dictatorship, Hunter laptop, Biden is fine, nooses everywhere, lynchings – Jussie Smollett jumped on that, conservative news is fake news, right-wing conspiracies, J6 was an insurrection, but Floyd riots were just, vaccinations keep you from getting COVID, QAnon is dangerous, Donald Trump, conservatives, Christians, the Supreme Court, the Electoral College are threats to democracy, Republicans are Nazis, Trump’s day one dictatorship, Charlottesville Nazis are fine people, the military are “losers and suckers,” gender surgeries and puberty blockers are good for children, nude men marching in the street and drag queens are good for children, killing unborn babies to the moment of birth is healthcare, etc.

Here are some more.

Waukesha was an accident, Melania ordered the removal of a 200-year-old tree, Melania is unattractive and can’t decorate, immigration ban is based on Trump’s businesses, Trump banned Muslims, DEI is to fight racism, the border is safe and secure, the call to Raffensperger ordered him to find fake ballots, conservatives are domestic terrorists, Nashville school shooting had nothing to do with trans shooter’s hatred of Christians, the Inflation Reduction Act reduces inflation, the DoJ is absolutely politically neutral, parents at board meetings are domestic terrorists, oil, gas, coal must go immediately since the earth is boiling, Afghanistan was a success, Biden’s pier is a success, voter ID keeps black people from voting, Michael Avenatti could be a serious presidential candidate, etc.

What did I leave out?

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