China Spy Bases in Cuba Expand as Our Borders Are Open


According to a new report, Cuba’s electronic eavesdropping stations, which are believed to be linked to China, are expanding. The expansion includes new construction at a previously unreported site about 70 miles from the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies study followed reports from last year. The reports say China and Cuba were negotiating closer defense and intelligence ties. It includes establishing a new joint military training facility on the island and an eavesdropping facility.

Is this a good time to remind people that our borders are wide open and Chinese military-age men and Cubans are pouring in? How could anyone vote for a Democrat right now?

China is using Cuba’s geographical proximity to the southeastern U.S. to scoop up sensitive electronic communications from American military bases, space-launch facilities, and military and commercial shipping.

Chinese facilities on the island “could also bolster China’s use of telecommunications networks to spy on U.S. citizens,” said Leland Lazarus, an expert on China-Latin America relations at Florida International University.

No kidding.

The authors of the CSIS report analyzed years’ worth of satellite imagery and found that Cuba has significantly upgraded and expanded its electronic spying facilities in recent years. They pinpointed four sites: Bejucal, El Salao, Wajay, and Calabazar.

That should be a surprise to no one.

US Weakness Will Destroy Us

The administration’s global weakness has led to listening bases close to Florida. A major drug operation in Key West, balloons flying across, and the expansion of listening bases in Cuba are a growing threat.

This isn’t great for us, but does this surprise anyone, given that the US is on Russia’s and China’s borders?

We have lost the moral imperative and dominance.

They just keep pouring into our country. They will likely vote.

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