Latest in Black Oppression News in One Word: Advil!


Advil uses fake researchers to sell the latest DEI nonsense that pain has a race detector and goes for black people. Pain is racist. This is more of the absurd Marxist oppressor-oppressed victim mentality.

Advil is good, but I’ll find something else.

The purpose of DEI is to oppress white people. How ironic.

No one believes their ad. Look at this stupid “I am in pain” ad with healthy-looking young people, which says nothing.

According to the Advil pain equity project, some people believe black people don’t feel pain, and they are trying to counter the bias. Uh, what? I never heard that.

Apparently it originated when some evil doctor performed unwanted surgeries on black slaves. Has anyone noticed that the US is becoming the world’s child and woman slave trafficker under Biden?

Allegedly, 83% of black people have a bad experience when seeking pain relief. They should just buy Advil because white people might not after this.

According to the Advil project research:

Pain is a universal human experience, but how that pain is treated can depend on a few factors, such as where you live, how much money you make, and the color of your skin. According to a study, three out of four Black people believe there is bias in how their pain is diagnosed. Now Advil, a popular pain relief brand, is aiming to address inequity in pain diagnosis and treatment with the Advil Pain Equity Project.

If we keep telling them they’re victims, they will go with it and use it. The best way to close the wealth gap is for black people to get a good education, starting with school choice. Making up fake racism and pouring money into a hole doesn’t work. They need better teachers and social workers to help all their single-parent households, which is about 67% of them.

Focus on what’s real and what can be improved. Meanwhile, black homeless Americans and homeless veterans are on the streets while New York City Mayor Adams pays $387 a day per illegal person who doesn’t belong there. Our obligation is first to our American poor, and we haven’t solved that yet.

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