Man Shot in the Head in the New York City Subway


Unarmed National Guard soldiers are going through random passengers’ belongings at key locations because crime is on the uptick in New York City subways. Meanwhile, the criminals are avoiding those key locations, and one shot a man in the head yesterday during the day, in the rush hour.

Instead of the show of force, how about some real force, Hochul? Getting rid of Alvin Bragg would be a start. He’s the Soros District Attorney who won’t prosecute crimes he doesn’t like, especially against people he likes. Then there is the bail reform Gov. Hochul won’t abolish so as not to offend Black Lives Matter, another Soros operation – he gave them millions of dollars to get them off the ground.

Let’s get Daniel Penny – who risked his life to protect passengers on a train by tackling a known violent black man – back on the subway. Oh, wait, no.

According to NYPD data, crime on the transit system has increased 13.1% as of March 3, compared to the same time period last year in New York City.  There have been 388 incidents from Jan. 1 to March 3 this year—the majority of which have been grand larceny and felony assault—compared to 343 last year.

According to the data, most of last year’s crimes through early March were grand larceny and robbery.

Let’s see Mayor Adams ride the subway again and tell us how safe it is. Better yet, let’s get the ladies of The View to take the train from the Bronx through Harlem to East New York and Bedford Stuyvesant in Brooklyn and tell us how great it is.

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