Tucker & Rand: The CCP Does Not Own TikTok or Control It


Tucker on the censorship and confiscation of TikTok

There is a mad rush to sell TikTok because people object to the content of TikTok that Byte Dance, an alleged Chinese Communist Party operation, peddles. However, if it’s sold, the content might not change. It brings in a lot of money, just as it is.

Former Treasury Secretary under President Trump Steve Mnuchin and a coalition of investors want to buy it. He sees it as a great business that makes a lot of money. Some people say Mnuchin is a globalist who wants to use it to sway the election. That’s conjecture. It’s more likely he wants to make money.

Tucker says it’s not about China at all and explains why.

Tucker sees it as a broad attack on free speech. He said the Chinese Communist Party does not own TikTok, and Rand Paul elaborates on that in the clip below. And as far as collecting Americans’ data, Tucker says all the social media companies are collecting far more of our data. Paul said it’s the government centralizing more power. Read on.


As Tucker says in the clip below, if the administration were worried about China, they wouldn’t send our industrial base to China – making them rich and us poor, or send our R&D to Chinese scientists and let them buy up our farmland and control our food supply, or allow them to cross our border illegally, You would make sure they had zero control over our water, energy, communications; you wouldn’t allow them to send billions to our universities letting them get control of the minds of our future leaders.

You wouldn’t let them hold large amounts of our debt, and you wouldn’t allow China to colonize Mexico and Canada, nor would you let China control the roads in the US Virgin Islands, and you would shoot down spy balloons. You wouldn’t let them make our medicines and antibiotics.

Tucker said banning an app isn’t about China. He warns people to watch what they do. Rand Paul strongly opposes this.


Paul’s concern is the centralization of power, which is what will happen. The government will control apps.

He said the Chinese government does not own TikTok. Paul said international investors own 60% of TikTok, two Chinese software developers who created TikTok own 20%, employees own 20%, and 7,000 employees are Americans.

Byte Dance does own Chinese TikTok, which China censors. China doesn’t have a board member on US TikTok, and they don’t control it. The US TikTok data is now kept in Oracle Cloud in Texas. The company wants to exist and is doing everything it can to survive.

We can’t emulate the Chinese by banning and censoring. There is a hysteria afoot. You can’t just take people’s stuff in America, Paul said. It has to be proven.

“You can’t just take stuff from people in America,” Paul said. “There is a good chance this is unconstitutional.”

The 1st and 5th Amendments are most important. There is always an excuse to take someone’s rights. You need to prove it; so far, it’s only opinion.

Once you object to content, you can remove a whole host of things. If you don’t like something, you remove it, that’s what they do in totalitarian governments.

He explains how we are headed to banning far more.

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