Latest in Oppressor News! DEI Is Evil and Must Die


Marxist-based DEI classifies people according to skin color. If you’re white, you’re an oppressor, no matter what you do. If you’re anything but white, you’re oppressed by the white person.

A white person, no matter how talented or qualified, might be deprived of seats in elite schools or good jobs because of their skin color.

Judging from the decay we’ve seen in the so-called elite colleges and universities, it might be okay. Unfortunately, DEI is now everywhere. It’s a sign of moral decay. The hatred of a group of people, whether white or Jewish, is morally reprehensible. It’s counter to our founding principles. Universities are supposed to teach our founding principles, and corporations should abide by them. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness – that’s what we’re entitled to. Students should be taught how critical freedom is to those principles.

We should uphold the dignity of all and be fair and just with every person.

The Left has it set up so it will never be enough for a white person to get out of the oppressor classification. It’s absurd, and people need to reject it politely and firmly.

We are not entitled to equal outcomes, only equal opportunities.

Elon Musk weighed in. “DEI must DIE. The point was to end discrimination, not replace it with different discrimination. “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” are propaganda words for racism, sexism, and other -isms. This is just as morally wrong as any other racism and sexism. Changing the target class doesn’t make it right!”

It is deeply wrong,[and it is what the youth are learning in higher education].

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John Acord
John Acord
2 months ago

 “It’s absurd, and people need to reject it politely and firmly.
We are not entitled to equal outcomes, only equal opportunities.”

No, white people have to react to DEI by annihilating those who spread and adopt DEI. This is TOTAL, UNCOMPROMISING WAR and in such a war you must completely destroy your enemy and this is the most vicious, horrendous enemy we have ever faced. It is worse than Islam, it is worse than Nazism , it is worse than Bolshevism. There can be NO COMPROMISE. It must be destroyed, annihilated, exterminated along with all who support it in any manner whatsoever.

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Ghost Gun
Ghost Gun
2 months ago

If you want to hate yourself for the pale epidermis you were born with, the Dems are definitely the party for you. Want to take on guilt for the actions of your ancestors? No problem!
Pay financial reparations to distant descendants of slaves your distant antecedents may or may not have owned? Why not?
Tell yourself, as per the Lightbringer, that white folks in America are inherently and systemically racist? And that means…
Get therapy, my fellow paleface, and stop hating yourself. If unsuccessful, vote Democrat.
“The word ‘racism’ is like ketchup. It can be put on practically anything – and demanding evidence makes you a ‘racist.'” Thomas Sowell