Latest on America’s Worst Mayor Who’s Now Threatening Everyone


We have new information on Tiffany Henyard, dubbed the worst mayor in Dolton history and the worst mayor in America. Henyard is being investigated by the worst mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot.

It seems Dolton Mayor Henyard, who also serves as the Thornton Town supervisor, has been under investigation by federal investigators for months. Not only that, the Illinois Attorney General has also found Henyard’s staff is violating open records laws by refusing to turn over financial records requests by WGN Investigates and others.

Henyard Pulls the Race Card

Black residents are furious with the black mayor. Even so, Henyard blamed the attacks on racism.

Dolton is short $7 million, and Henyard won’t answer questions. She responded by pulling the race card and followed up by threatening everyone.

“Henyard has never fully explained the spending and continues to say she’s the victim of vicious opponents and racism,” WGN reported.

“We’re here to help each other and not hurt each other,” she said, WGN reported.

“And it’s a shame that us – us, I’m talking to my Black and Brown communities – would sit here and fight,” she added.

She said the community can ask questions, but she doesn’t have to answer them, and she doesn’t.

Tiffany is very upset the community got her site shut down, but she has other platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

That’s not all. She is now threatening the nation, community, and residents. She keeps all her “receipts” and says, “Stop lying on me,” before “I start telling the truth on y’all.”

“Y’all gonna be shocked at the mess that’s around y’all,” she said. She’s threatening them! There are subtitles if you have trouble understanding her.

She Is Being Sued

Sandra, in the clip below, is one of three people suing the worst mayor. She was on medical leave. When she attempted to return to work, the mayor wouldn’t give her a place to work. So she worked in her car.

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