Disgrace: Biden Announces Another Illegal College Loan Giveaway


This is a disgrace. Joe Biden is now illegally buying votes from another $277,000 people. He’s paying off their loans with our tax dollars to the tune of $7.4 billion. This is not legal, and Donald Trump isn’t the threat to democracy; Biden and the Democrats are.

The money is going to the oppressed, who are expected to pay off their own college loans that they signed up for.

He’s calling it the SAVE plan (Saving on a Valuable Education). The regime always come up with some ridiculous misnomer. Biden is also calling it a fix. He thinks he’s a dictator. He rules like a dictatorial thug, and he’s stupid.

The White House issued a statement.

“The president will continue fighting to give people more breathing room and using every tool at his disposal to help borrowers.”

Currently, 18 states are suing over his illegal payoffs with tax dollars. He has no right to do this unilaterally.

“Kamala Harris says the new Biden initiative will forgive student loans “regardless of your income and even if you did not graduate” for 25 million people. Our country’s broke and Democrats are signing you up to pay for people’s college even if they make more than you do,” Robby Starbuck said.

Byron Donalds said two-thirds of Americans did not go to college.

The destruction of our economy is terrifying.

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