Latest on dictator Kim is he’s hiding out from the virus


CNN might have gotten another bombshell story wrong. Their story about Kim Jong Un being dead or incapacitated might not be true at all. The North Korean News says he’s on a much-needed ‘staycation’ dreaming about the Fjords. The NY Times’ Saturday report from South Korea categorically denies he’s dead. And a North Korean human rights activist says he’s fine. He is hiding out for fear of getting the coronavirus.

Yeonmi Park says the virus is “spreading uncontrollably within North Korea.”

She wrote on Twitter that according to her source, “The most cowardly and selfish dictator Kim Jong Un is not dead or even sick according to my source. He is hiding out in a fear of getting a Corona virus. Despite lying to the world that there is a zero case of Corona virus, it has been spreading uncontrollably within North Korea.”

The DPRK (North Korean state media) says he is in “deep meditation” and in full control.

He’s also “tripping the lights fantastic.”

Lastly, he’s consulting anti-virus strategists.

Ms. Park added, “As his predecessors did, @KimJongUn is again letting his people die and saving himself only. He will come back soon to prove us wrong. Please do not give Kim Jong Un the pleasure of proving how all the media has been wrong about #NorthKorea. Just wait to see.”

He won’t live long, she says.

“Even if #KimJongUn survives this time from the illness, he won’t live long. His father Kim Jong Il died two years after his first stroke. The world leaders must prepare regardless for the collapse of North Korean regime and prepare for the liberation of North Korean people!”

In conclusion, she writes, “Sadly, until we hear from the North Korean state official media to confirm, no one knows for sure what is exactly happening to #kimjongun. Let us pray that god will show his mercy to enslaved North Korean people from this brutal dictator.”

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Chappy the Clown
Chappy the Clown
3 years ago

Maybe his sister has made a power move and liquidated China’s junkyard dog or the fireworks were cutting into the toilet paper budget at the Kim family castle.
Don’t worry the sister will be even worse and notice that she has survived living in that family.
Fun Trivia-The Norks under Ill douché Kim ordered all citizens to produce 220lbs. of feces which is hard to do on a tree bark and grubs diet.