Latest Report on the Tragedy of the Missing Sub, Titan – Updated



Suppose the missing Titan sub is intact, Oxygen supplies run out today at 12:08 PM (GMT)/7:08 PM (ET), and it still has not been located. Around ten ships are currently in the area, searching a 14,000 square mile area.

The only remote-controlled vehicle with any possibility of finding the sub and possibly hauling it back to the surface is now in the area and being deployed. But it takes 2 hours to go down to the wreckage of the Titanic and 2 hours back, meaning even if the missing sub is located- passengers would have run out of oxygen.

Sources: Daily Mail/ Telegraph

With currents, the sub could be anywhere.


The Titan, the missing tourist sub, should have floated back to the surface unless it’s trapped or suffered a catastrophic event. On Tuesday, banging was heard that people believed to be an SOS, but robots found nothing in the area. One expert in the video below thinks he knows what happened to the Titan and the tourists.

The Titan

A growing number of aircraft, ships, and underwater equipment from the U.S., Canada, and France searched Wednesday for a submersible vessel carrying five people that disappeared on its way to the wreckage of the Titanic.

The small craft, Titan, owned by undersea exploration company OceanGate Expeditions, has been chronicling the Titanic’s decay and the underwater ecosystem around it via yearly voyages since 2021.

The U.S. Coast Guard has been leading the search for Titan since the Titan disappeared Sunday in a remote area of the North Atlantic Ocean.


According to the U.S. Coast Guard, a Canadian aircraft detected underwater noises in the search area Tuesday and Wednesday.

Associated Press reported that a robotic vessel was sent to the area yielding “negative results,” reports Associated Press.

“The equipment that is onsite and coming is the most sophisticated in the world and certainly capable of reaching those depths,” said Sean Leet, chief executive of Canadian company Horizon Maritime.

As of Wednesday, searchers had covered an area twice the size of Connecticut in waters 2 1/2 miles deep.

The vessel could be entangled or caught under something, or it could have suffered a catastrophic event on the way down, such as a leak or a fire.

The victims signed a waiver acknowledging that they might die on the trip. The release also explains how experimental this is.

The expert, Aaron, the editor, and founder of Sub brief, says they lost contact about the time they dropped ballast. At that point, you are dropping toxins and have a high-oxygen environment. If there is a fire, there is no way to ventilate.

Aaron feels very sorry for the families but believes they are deceased.

The Titan submerged Sunday morning, and contact was lost 1 hour and 45 minutes later. It takes 2 ½ hours to reach the Titanic.

The Titan has made multiple dives.

By 10 or 11 am tomorrow, the vessel will be out of the air, if it even exists.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
5 months ago

The Titanic was long ago found and photographed. This trip was recreational.

I question the lack of a cable attached to the surface.

If the banging noises were not from the sub, then my hunch is the sub had an implosion which caused immediate deaths. It was claimed there were banging SOS sounds every half hour. Was someone lying?

Peter Prange
Peter Prange
5 months ago

Sad! Tragic! But how news worthy is this disaster.
At least it highlight the dangers of experimental being treated as common.
Does the waiver protect the company if it failed in any way in safety checks, etc.

Food for thought:
Is an adventure in the deep much different than tourists rides into space? Are such rides a tragedy just waiting to happen?