Lawless Brooklyn DA makes shoplifting, other crimes LEGAL since there’s a virus


Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez announced Tuesday that his office will immediately stop prosecuting low-level, non-violent offenses amid the coronavirus outbreak. He will also think about freeing jailed suspects who are “vulnerable to infection.”

The offenses that will now get a pass include driving without a license, trespassing, and shoplifting, a spokesman for the office said.

The virus is clearly just an excuse to make some crimes legal. His criminal voter base wants it.

“It’s really just a bunch of low-level offenses — basically anything where there’s no kind of violence or no requirement to see a judge,” Brooklyn DA spokesman Oren Yaniv said.

“Really the idea is just to decrease the number of people in the system.”

Sure, right, it’s not that you are catering to your criminal voter base, is it Oren?


As one police source told the NY Post, it’s an “invitation to commit crimes.” Obviously, you don’t need a police source for that, but the police in the area know it’s what he has been doing anyway.

“What’s new, they do that all the time, now they have an excuse,” said a Brooklyn cop. ”What a joke.”

Let’s take a look at what happens when you do what Eric is doing:


Gonzalez also plans to free anyone who is vulnerable to infection and probably over 50 years of age.

“We’re all interested in making sure those people are not exposed to the virus,” Lis Schreibersdorf said. She is the executive director of Brooklyn Defender Services.

She gets to send the list over and she is totally conflicted.

Most of Gonzalez’s staff works from home so you can be sure they’re safe!

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