NY Dem Gov Cuomo praises admin while Twitter spews hate


Governor Andrew Cuomo, a Trump-hater, praised the President today for all the help he is providing. “This government has done somersaults, it has performed better than ever before,” meaning the New York government, but he adds, he cannot deal with the pandemic without the resources of the federal government. He has spoken to the President and his staff and they are ready, willing, and able to help, he said during a Wednesday presser.

He told the President he wants to partner with him 100% and needs his help. Cuomo said the President was “100% sincere” in saying he wanted to work together in a spirit of cooperation.

The New York governor said, “his team has been on it…they’ve been responsive late at night, early in the morning, and they’ve thus far been doing everything they can do and I want to say, ‘thank you,’ and I want to say that ‘I appreciate it.'”

“We are not Democrats, and we are not Republicans, we are Americans at the end of the day,” he concluded.


When they need help, they’re nice.

While President Trump is doing everything he can to contain the virus and fallout from it, and from the oil war, the left is seizing on it and exploiting it as an opportunity. The politicians are filling up stimulus packages with pork and the trolls are out demonizing the President who has done everything imaginable to stop the bleeding.

Instead of helping him, they are praying for misery and death.

“All Americans should be united pushing back on the false propaganda from the Communists running China’s govt trying to blame the US for #COVID19. They kept it a secret, refused to seek help, let it get out of control and cause a global pandemic, and now double down on the lies,” my representative Lee Zeldin wrote on Twitter.

But that isn’t what is happening. The media is wholly on the side of the Chinese communists.

The media bought the nonsense that calling Covid-19 the ‘Wuhan Virus’ proves OrangeManBad is a xenophobe line 100%, despite the fact that the media themselves were calling it the Wuhan Virus.

They went along with the lie that we squandered the time China gave us, and a whole host of other propaganda straight from China.


The sewer known as Twitter is going wild.

‘TrumpPandemic’ is trending on Twitter as if the President had anything to do with this.

We have those losers who are overjoyed, like this NBC Late Night comedian:

Then there is this Progressive:

Or this deceitful beauty [the President never called it a hoax]:

Isn’t this man civil and tolerant:


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Kung Flu Fighting
Kung Flu Fighting
3 years ago

Gas is certainly low priced but there is nowhere to go. Got some driving therapy in last week thankfully.
Local stores are now closing at ten and there are armed security guards or police at the front of the store.
Watch for Cuomo to be shredded by the New Red Guards on Twitter. Their purity detectors are flawed with a warp but they are too far gone. Peanut Butter, milk, and water are the hot items at the local grocer.
The groceries are hiring. It is low skilled work but it all adds up.