Lawyer Wants Speeding Ticket Fines Scaled to Income, Rich Pay More


A Brooklyn lawyer wants ticket fines to be scaled to income with the rich paying more. Why? Do the rich present a greater risk? Are their cars too nice?

He made his comments during a discussion with Charles Payne.

This is communism and wealth redistribution ideology has to be excised from our culture. This would be rife with corruption. Politicians would see this as their new ATM. These fines are based on the degree of the offense, not a person’s income.

Charles Payne said he thinks we have a good system in place: “It is a deterrent and so is losing your license. It seems that the system in place is pretty good. New York City and Madison Avenue, I rarely see billionaires rattling down the street at 200 miles per hour. We have a good system in place now, don’t we?”

The lawyer said there is empirical evidence that suggests the rich commit more crimes than the poor. Empirical? That’s nothing.

The lawyer wants his system in place for more than just speeding tickets.


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