Le Pen: Leave NATO; US: Line Russia’s Borders with Troops


“I remain Eurosceptic, and every day that passes I become more skeptical. I’m not skeptical about Europe, but about the political organization of the EU.”

~ Marine Le Pen

Marine LePen says President Macron is a pyromaniac who set fire to French democracy when he signed his pension reform. She has told the working man and women that it’s not over despite the ruling in Macron’s favor. The French continue to protest. She has promised to join England and send back every illegal alien. She also wants to leave NATO, a longstanding wish, and leave the Ukraine war.

Macron’s popularity is at 28%. Le Pen’s is at 39%. But the election isn’t until 2027.

Le Pen has also been highly critical of Georgia Meloni in Italy for moving to the center and believes there is no Europe. Europe has abandoned its individual nations.

In an interview with “Republic,” Le Pen said she refuses a “Melonist” turn, that is, to become pro-EU and pro-Nato. “I remain Eurosceptic, convinced that France should leave NATO’s integrated command, and against the delivery of offensive weapons to Ukraine,” says the French leader, adding: “A victory for Russia would be a catastrophe.”

Le Pen is convinced France should leave NATO immediately and cease exporting weapons to Ukraine. She sees breaking with NATO as the preferable solution to furthering an unwinnable war.

“If it were at the Elysée, “the first thing I would think about is the interests of France. From the very beginning, we said: Russia is making a grave mistake by attacking Ukraine militarily and violating its territorial and political sovereignty. The fact remains that the world is as it is, and not as we would like it to be. Therefore I would do everything possible for France to promote a peaceful resolution of the conflict. For one simple reason: I don’t see any other valid solutions”.

“Or Russia – continues Le Pen – wins the war, and it would be catastrophic because all the countries that have a territorial conflict will think they can solve it with weapons. Either Ukraine wins, and this would mean that NATO has entered the conflict, and thus the beginning of the Third World War. It doesn’t seem like a happy prospect to me. Or, we will continue to supply Ukraine with weapons, and then we will find ourselves facing a new Hundred Years War, which, given the human losses, would be a tragedy”.


In the US, we recently discovered that we are possibly engaged in a hot war that Congress did not approve. If so, it’s an illegal war. According to the Pentagon War Plans, we aren’t fighting for democracy and freedom worldwide as we were told.

They are fighting to destroy Russia and seemingly to continue the agenda of the World Economic Forum. This is the crisis the World Economic Forum needs to put its plan in place.

The BlackRock WEF War

Le Pen has been criticized for her comments, claiming she’s looking for another Munich agreement and that Putin is Hitler. However, that ignores the US’s role in lighting the fuse in 2014. The Obama administration pushed Ukraine to join NATO and the EU and end its treaty of neutrality with Russia. We are not blameless. While that doesn’t condone an invasion, the war is neither legal nor winnable. We must go to war with a nuclear nation to win. And it will quickly become World War III with Russia’s many nuclear allies while our borders are open.

The US has neither the money, the weapons, nor good leadership. We were sold the war under false pretenses, as the recent release of the Pentagon war plans proved.

The Pentagon claims we are not in a hot war yet, but how long can this last?

The US to Line Russia’s Borders with Troops

From the NY Times today…

To prevent that, to deter by denial, means a revolution in practical terms: more troops based permanently along the Russian border, more integration of American and allied war plans, more military spending, and more detailed requirements for allies to have specific kinds of forces and equipment to fight, if necessary, in pre-assigned places.

Is this deterrence or escalation?

Mr. Putin has long complained about NATO encirclement and encroachment. But his invasion of Ukraine provoked the alliance to shed remaining inhibitions about increased numbers of Western troops all along NATO’s border with Russia.

The intention is to make NATO’s forces not only more robust and more capable but also more visible to Russia, a key element of deterrence.

“The debate is no longer about how much is too much,” for fear of upsetting Moscow, “but how much is enough,” said Camille Grand, until recently NATO’s assistant secretary general for defense investment, and now with the European Council on Foreign Relations.

We are going to deter this by increasing the threat. Did Europe? Our only allies are waffling. Le Pen’s views are popular.

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