Leaked audio: Chris Cuomo and sexual harassment allegations


That paragon of virtue Chris Cuomo is close friends with crook and currently imprisoned Michael Cohen.

In a leaked audio discussion with his good friend, Cohen, Cuomo told Cohen that women are accusing him of sexual harassment and he wanted to know if Cohen had heard anything.

Apparently, reporters are calling his former place of employment, ABC News, trying to dig up information on complaints that women are making against him.

He asked Cohen if he looked like the kind of guy who can’t get women. In other words, he’s such a looker that the women would jump at a chance to be with him.

Cuomo, who relentlessly defends the media, also said to Cohen, “I keep telling you, the media is not your friend.” Cuomo hates the media.

Cohen, the sleeze who violated lawyer-client privilege to tape his client Donald Trump, perjured himself and has leaked incessantly. But, he wants you to believe he didn’t leak this.

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