Leaked Call Exposes Top PR Firm Propagandizing Americans


Project Veritas obtained a leaked February 9, 2024, company call from within the well-known, progressive PR firm Berlin Rosen. During the call, the parties bragged about their successful efforts to get the Republican front-runner, Donald Trump, kicked off the presidential ballot in Colorado.

They included details of their strategy to convince everyday Americans that blocking Donald Trump from voting is a Democratic thing to do.

It shows how the progressive PR machine works and is anything but democratic.

PV received the information from an insider.

The Berlin Rosen firm was hired by CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington). They have been heavily funded by George Soros but bill themselves as a non-partisan watchdog. CREW has sued Donald Trump since 2015 and claims it’s their Democratic effort, well supported by conservatives.

On the tape, they say they’ve “knocked it out of the park” and are “heroic.” They claim their deceit and propaganda is constitutional democracy.

Using propaganda as a tool is not democracy. They are a serious threat to democracy. Progressives are communists.

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