Leaked phone call with President saying world is laughing at Minneapolis over the police station


We have the leaked President Trump phone call during which he talks with amazement about the way Minneapolis was handled with police fleeing their police station so it could then be destroyed. He’s right when he said the “whole world” is laughing at Minneapolis over the police station.

The mayor and governor are incompetent.

We need law and order, not injured protesters and police.

Democrat officials can’t control their cities and many handled the virus poorly. Now they won’t open up and their economies are causing more strife. They’re a disaster.

President Trump has taken the federalist approach, letting the governors rule as they are constitutionally expected to do. But it might not work. These blue state rulers have no idea of how to protect their citizens, none. Their ideology is opposed to any kind of appropriate enforcement of the law.

The leak came from inside the White House and was obtained by Jake Tapper. Tapper claimed that Trump called the nation’s governors weak, but he actually called certain weak governors weak, not all governors. The governor and mayor in Minnesota are terrible. New York is terrible. And so on.

This is supposed to be shocking or something. I agree with everything he says here.


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