LeBron: Griner Might Not Want to Come Back to America- We Don’t Have Her Back?


LeBron discussed Brittney Griner on a recent episode of the HBO show “The Shop”. He said she might not want to return since America doesn’t have her back. The man is oblivious sometimes when it comes to freedom and politics. Does he think that after she gets out of the Russian gulag, she’ll want to live happily ever after there?

LeBron James asked, “Now, how can she feel like America has her back? I would be feeling like, ‘Do I even want to go back to America?’”

Really? Does he think he would prefer a Russian gulag? Perhaps he’d like a Maoist prison where they could remove his organs for transplant?

James took some hits and walked it back. He said he didn’t mean to bash “our beautiful country.” “I was simply saying how she’s probably feeling emotionally along with so many other emotions, thoughts, etc. inside that cage she’s been in for over 100+ days!”

I am all for Biden getting Griner out, but the woman did violate their laws. Additionally, she hates this country. She’s a Black Lives Matter radical who won’t allow the anthem to be played at her games. If it takes a while to extricate her, that might be a good thing. It will give her time to think about how lucky she is to be American.

Enes Kanter Freedom — an American professional basketball player born in Switzerland to Turkish parents – blasted him.

“You call it a step back, we call this a walk back,” he tweeted. “You are free to leave, buddy, or you can even volunteer for an exchange for her.”

LeBron is quick to take money from the Chinese Communists and trash US law enforcement as well as the nation. Maybe he would like to go to China and become a citizen there.

Enes Kantor added “Freedom” as his last name because he appreciates freedom in the USA.


Griner hasn’t been sentenced yet but faces ten years in prison.

According to RT, the Kremlin says the US has been warned that putting on pressure to try and grant Griner’s release is “futile.”

“We urge the US authorities not to exploit this sensitive matter affecting the fates of certain individuals, and we advise them to abandon futile attempts to pressure us,” said Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova this week, according to Interfax, when fielding a question on whether prisoner exchange talks had already gotten underway.

Zakharova also called on Washington to “work through established channels” and stressed that the process “simply won’t work any other way.”

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