Lee Zeldin Destroys Dangerous Virtue Signaling Leftists Who Call Us Racists


by James S. Soviero

Here’s a little personal background on Lee Zeldin.  Whether he won two elections to the New York State Senate or four elections to the United States Congress, his twin girls have continued attending the same working-class, multi-racial William Floyd Public Schools their dad attended.

No private schools for general education or moving to another area that may have offered real estate with greater “curb appeal.”  As Lee put it, “I promised to come back and serve this community, and that’s what I’m going to do.”

He remained resolute in spite of the fact his twins, born at 25 1/2 weeks and weighing under 2 pounds, would likely need some early intervention.  The young ladies are currently thriving both academically and socially.  

How many of the virtue-signaling, elitist, pundits and elected officials, quick to call Lee and the rest of us racists, would have, under similar circumstances, done the same thing?

We can’t think of a single one.

With that in mind, please enjoy this 80-second clip of Zeldin rhetorically destroying leftist hypocrites who need to distract from their own deadly failures by painting Lee and those who wholeheartedly agree with him as bigots.


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