Left blasts Tucker as a ‘fascist’ for this courageous monologue


Fox News Host Tucker Carlson asks, Can the left lead a country they hate? Good question. he then proceeded to answer it indirectly as he discussed America’s future in light of President Trump’s Mount Rushmore speech. He also took on the “silly” Tammy Duckworth.

He is taking on the entire communist-socialist Democrat left.

“The reason the ruling class despises Donald Trump is because they can’t control him,” Tucker said.  The first clip begins with the President’s truthful and courageous speech at Mount Rushmore.

The left is intent on destroying our national heritage, as the President said.

Tucker talked about our rich heritage and marked achievements as a nation. Then he explained that children aren’t learning about it. Our curricula have become a toxic mix of lies and omissions to poison the minds of the youth, he said.

What is going on in our classrooms is “a crime,” Tucker added.

“We believe in equal opportunity, equal justice, and equal treatment for citizens” of every race and creed, every American, born and unborn..,” the President said on Mount Rushmore.

President Trump spoke for our real values, the ones that will guide us in our future.

The left hated this outstanding speech, as Tucker points out, explaining why they did.

Watch the clip:

Trump’s a threat to liars:

Teddy Kennedy killed a person and they still love him, Tucker noted, adding that the reason they don’t like him is he can’t be controlled. He is a threat to people “who make a living out of lying.”

Tammy Duckworth is not untouchable:

He dared to talk negatively about Tammy Duckworth who lost her legs serving her country in Iraq. Criticizing her is not allowed and the left is calling him a ‘fascist’ for labeling her a “silly person.”

Duckworth wants to discuss taking down George Washington’s statue and other statues of our forefathers.

Tucker said “these people hate America,” including her in the mix. The left believes that because she lost her legs in Iraq, she can’t be unpatriotic or criticized.

Her tragic loss does not make her immune to criticism, sorry. She’s not god and calling her unpatriotic when she shows how much she hates America is not heresy.

Media Matters falsely claimed he used deceptive edits to make her look unpatriotic. Having listened to the entire segment, it’s clear she doesn’t like this country. Maybe she felt differently once, but now she’s a candidate for Joe Biden’s running mate and she wants to tear us down.


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