Left called Flynn case a “conspiracy theory,” now they’re on the attack


The media has routinely called the FBI setting up of Michael Flynn a ‘conspiracy theory.’ They also accuse Trump and Fox News of pushing it. Now that it’s proven Michael Flynn was framed, they are claiming the GOP is politicizing it or it’s all lies or Trump gets his cronies off, and Bill Barr needs to be investigated. The Democrats claim Bill Barr is corrupt. All that is the opposite of the truth.

In this Grabien supercut, the media calls it a conspiracy theory:

The Dems keep harping on the fact that General Flynn admitted to lying on two occasions [under duress]. He swore to it because he was bankrupt and they threatened to do the same to his son, and perhaps put them both in jail.

They have moved on from calling it a conspiracy theory to outright attacking everyone who defends Michael Flynn. Apparently, they want him to spend years in jail for committing no crimes.

Watch Adam Schiff say that he was “aghast” over Bill Barr’s actions. He falsely claims the Russians helped the president get elected in this clip. We have all this evidence that there was no collusion and yet, he keeps lying:

It’s infuriating to be on the other end of this abuse from the left. Acting DNI Ric Grennell released 57 transcripts in the House Intel Committee investigation and not one person had a shred of evidence of collusion.

There were conspiracy theories, but they were on the left — the Russia hoax, the Ukraine hoax, and the Flynn hoax.

There will be more news to come next week. Allegedly, one of the revelations to come out will be a bombshell.

Alan Dershowitz said, “this is a scandal,” and “he was falsely convicted.” General Flynn should never have been charged for talking to the Russian ambassador, he said.


Clips from AG Barr’s interview with Catherine Herridge:

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