Left Freaks Out Over Donald Trump Retweeting This Gif, Warning, It’s Funny


This next Gif retweeted by the President is funny. It’s a joke but CNN sees it as a serious diversion from the restrictions allegedly put in place by Chief of Staff John Kelly.

These are the same people who think watching Trump as Julius Caesar stabbed more than 100 times in a Manhattan play is a fun night out.

Trump has been great for Twitter’s business. Even the Twitter leftists should understand that.

The left is freaking out. That’s the same left who love watching Trump being called a Nazi and say nothing when Antifa and Black Lives Matter beat up Trump supporters and assault police officers.

When Hillary called Trump supporters ‘deplorable”, these same people were remarkably indifferent.

Late night comedians tearing the President apart night after night is just mature, good humor to the left.

It gets funnier. Listen to CNN react.

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