Left Goes Wild as Guiliani Talks Subpoena, Presidential Pardon of Himself


The president’s legal team in January issued a 20-page letter to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators arguing against a subpoena for Trump because of his special role as President, according to a leaked memo.

That is true to a point — it depends on the crime or alleged crime.


The left on social media are trashing the President, calling him a dictator because his laywer said he probably could pardon himself but never would.

Asked Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” if he thinks Trump really has that power, Giuliani said: “He probably does. He has no intention of pardoning himself but he probably — not to say he can’t. I mean, that — that’s another really interesting constitutional argument, can the president pardon himself?

“It would be an open question. I think it would probably get answered, by gosh, that’s what the constitution says and if you want to change it, change it. But yes.”

He agreed that the “political ramifications” would be tough.

There really is no need for an interview with the President without strict guidelines. We all saw the questions and the answers are available. Mueller simply wants to catch the President in a process crime, like lying to the feds.

When Hillary was interviewed, she wasn’t under oath, there was no transcription, the questions were canned. He needs the same deal.


The President will fight any subpeona. The President’s top lawyer will head for court if a possible subpoena shows up. Rod Rosenstein will either give the okay or not. Jeff Rumlestiltskin Sessions still sleeps.

It is his right to go to court, especially since it’s a witch hunt.

Before any testimony, Guiliani says he still wants to see documents related to the FBI informant who had contact with members of President Trump’s campaign during the election. Right now from Giuliani, at least the question of whether or not he will agree to let his client sit down with Special Counsel Robert Mueller seems to really hinge on whether or not they can have access to the documents related to the FBI informant, Fox News reported.

The left-wing thinks that’s outrageous too.


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