Some Are Happy to Report Smugglers Are Cutting Through the New Wall


The Washington Post reported on Saturday that smugglers and gangs have been using cordless reciprocating saws to cut through the new sections of the border wall. The violent transnational gangs want to continue smuggling drugs, guns, and people into the United States. They are not easily stopped.

Reporters and other people of the left seem to think that is good news. They think it’s funny that criminals are getting into the USA through the border wall so they can destroy our youth, our culture, and put Americans in danger.

Lawlessness is fine with them, but border walls are not. We must continue to let the riff-raff into the country in response to their new ideological belief that walls have no value. They suddenly care about the cost of the wall but want to spend us into default with absurd healthcare plans and the Green New Deal.

On the other hand, their ideology also demands law-abiding Americans give up their guns.

They seem to believe criminals won’t be able to get guns somehow, although Democrats are encouraging the gun smugglers’ illegal activities by cooperating with cartels who want an open border.

The wall has slowed the influx. Everyone should want that, but not everyone does. They would rather see failure.

The wall is one tool to slow the criminals down until agents can get to them. Would Democrats prefer to see nothing done?

This isn’t Trump’s wall, it’s America’s wall.




  1. Any barrier is useless unless it is covered by observation and fire. Sensors need to cover the entire border area. Intrusions need to be met with force and deadly force if necessary. Helicopter gunships and artillery fire come to mind.

  2. The wall is a good idea, but if there are too many corrupt officials on the US side profiting from the smuggling, a wall won’t be enough. The modern day watchmen on the wall has to be persons with integrity. (Ezekiel 33:1-9)

  3. The Border Patrol should be part of the Military or National guard and people changed and moved often because some not only are of Mexican origin and might empathise with immigrants but some may get corrupted by the large amounts of money involved. Also, we would have enough people to work and enough money to spend on what is the first and main duty of government, to keep us safe.

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