Left-Winger Shep Smith Clears Hillary of Guilt in Uranium One


Hillary Clinton supporter and Fox News host Shephard Smith took on Uranium One during his show Tuesday, clearing Hillary of any wrongdoing. Okay, she’s innocent, let’s all go home, or maybe not.

He claims she’s innocent because her Assistant Secretary of State José Fernando represented State on CFIUS. Fernando voted for the sale and he says she did not intervene. He’s loyal but claiming the Secretary of State was totally hands off and was a disinterested party as she allegedly was in Benghazi is questionable.

The nine members of CFIUS approved the deal, not Hillary. That’s true but what Smith leaves out is the fact that they are all political appointees and Clinton was the one everyone looked to by virtue of the power given to her by Barack Obama.

Shep also states that the money given to the Clinton Foundation can’t be directly tied to the deal because it came from the Canadian who bought the mine and donated the money to the Clinton Foundation years after he sold the mine to the Russians.

There is nothing new in Smith’s telling but he left out some key details such as the secret meetings Bill Clinton held with the Canadian Frank Giustra before it was sold; the lucrative speeches Bill gave in Russia to a state-controlled bank at the time of the sale; the fact that our uranium left the U.S. illicitly and went to parts unknown, possibly to include Europe and Asia.

Another fact he left out is why would we ever let Russia have any of our uranium?

Democrats are now trying to downplay the importance of uranium, especially when it comes to its role in nuclear weaponry. Shep says the mine no longer produces 20% of US uranium, but rather a mere 10%. We don’t know if that is true or not, but what is true is we have to buy uranium from foreign countries to cover our needs.

Critics of the sale aren’t saying they have the answers. They want answers through an investigation.

Investigators may not find the direct links because there never are with the Clintons. They have done it before, most notably with the sale of US technology to China decades ago.

Smith also left out another crucial fact — In 2015, The NY Times came up with the same suspicions as investigative reporter, Peter Schweitzer. Barack Obama has also been tied to the sale.

It’s also curious that the sale went down despite the FBI investigation into Putin bribing our uranium transporters to gain control of the uranium market.

What Smith presents in his treatise is not all of Uranium One as he tries to portray it.

What people must also keep in mind is that the real case can be made against Fusion GPS.  The case against Hillary’s “extreme carelessness” was strong but no one will revisit it. Former FBI Director Jim Comey did leak confidential material and might have used the dossier to secure a FISA warrant, launching the Trump-Russia collusion investigation and that calls out for investigation. We need answers and Smith doesn’t have them though he wants you to think he does.

Hopefully Sessions and Mueller are conducting legitimate investigations.


  1. People that are ethically and logically deficient think Hillary is innocent. A major point is that Hillary disapproved of the pipeline, she was the single person that disapproved. Her super ego would not allow a subordinate to make the uranium decision. It would also be a dereliction of duty. Plus the money transfers violate agreements she signed on conflicts, regardless of how many times the money was laundered.

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