Leftist Bishop Talbert Swan Calls Candace Owens a “Coon”

Candace Owens is the communications director for Turning Point USA. She recently turned down a  million dollar offer to remain at her $50,000 job at Turning Point. The media has been hunting around for dirt on her and her family that has caused her family to become hurt and frightened. She is a target for the haters over her beliefs.
If anything, it should show Americans how evil and hateful these people of the left are.

Take Reverand Swan for example. He is filled with blanket hate and has been tweeting up a storm of hate several times a day. He called Candace Owens, a lovely young woman, a “coon”.


This pastor and radio personality is a terrible bigot and very judgemental. Blacks listen to him. He’s powerful but he’s as bad as Rev. Al and insane Rev. Farrakhan.

When one poster suggested he check out Candace Owens Saturday, he called her a coon.

He hates conservative blacks as much as he hates whites.

So many of these following comments are just normal statements and he’s labelled them racist.

If you are a Trump supporter, you are a moron. He dismisses free thinking. Hasn’t anyone told him about the low black unemployment?

The KKK was a Democrat group. Anyone joining had to be a Democrat. A number of these bigots ended up in Congress as Democrats. The parties never switched. The Jim Crow laws were Democrat laws.

He’s very racist. He hates whites.


  1. This is just left wing hate mongering and this so called Reverend that’s if he really is one is nothing but a puppet for the mean hateful DNC. It’s people like this that are creating the divide in this country. One thing even though BHO was African American being his mother was American and his father was Kenyan, he did not come from slave blood. If anything he came from slave traders or slave owners.

  2. That’s not even the worst of it. Candace tells us that an NBC reporter is ‘basically’ doing an investigation on her and her family and friends. She has done a Periscope to get in front of the story. One thing reporters scream loudest against is any questions of scrutiny on THEIR past and lives. Someone needs to go beyond Project Veritas and do actual undercover operations on some of these “journalists”. These people are NO longer “news people”. They are the destructors of individual persons, the most vile of gossip mongers, who go far beyond whispers to friends, and commit “murder” by words. To go after one’s parents because of a dislike of that person is far beyond what SHOULD be civilized behavior. If they do not care about what they are doing to anonymous people should anyone care if something backfires to them.


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