Leftist City Wants Police to Publish Surveillance Blueprints for Terrorists and Criminals


The New York City Council led by Melissa Mark-Viverito who recently honored a Puerto Rican terrorist Oscar Lopez.

New York City is in the crosshairs of terrorists and drug cartels but that didn’t stop the hard-left City Council from proposing legislation, Intro 1482, which would require public  and online reporting and evaluation of surveillance technologies used by the NYPD.

It will provide a roadmap for terrorists and criminals. While that might not be the end goal, it is what it does.

Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence and Counterterrorism John Miller testified to the New York City Council Committee on Public Safety June 14. He said the proposal “would require us to advertise sensitive technologies that criminals and terrorists do not fully understand.”

“It would require the Police Department to list them, all in one place, describe how they work and the limitations we place on our use of them. It would make a one-stop-shopping guide for understanding these tools and how to thwart them. The NYPD absolutely opposes this proposal.”

The Police Department would also have to disseminate the report online and provide detailed descriptions of the technology and its capabilities.

It would benefit terrorists and hackers who have targeted municipal systems in the past. It would lay bare the city systems with vulnerabilities would be easily exploited.

The city council added other unnecessary hurdles

Mr Miller testified, “Plus, the bill requires the impact and use statement to be posted online 90 days in advance of use and allow for a 45-day period for public comments on each report. This is an unprecedented hurdle placed on a singular agency. Often the technology sought in this legislation is needed imminently and this would impede the department’s ability to evolve critical technology based on changing circumstances.”

While this defies all logic and common sense, its proponents say it provides transparency and oversight.

“In the final analysis, all this legislation does is provide an invaluable roadmap to terrorists, criminals and others on how to more effectively harm the public, commit crimes and hurt the interests of our city,” Mr. Miller testified.

If you got a close look at the hardcore leftists on the City Council in New York City, you would understand how they could come up with something this idiotic.

Even hardcore leftist de Blasio thinks it’s a step too far.

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