Leftist Dems applaud Media’s destruction of free speech


Freedom of Speech

Rep. Devin Nunes is very concerned about the purge of millions of Americans from social media and elsewhere, depriving them of a voice. They no longer have a voice in government and they are vilified 24/7 in the media. While the riot at the Capitol was awful and very troubling, it was a small number of fools and nasty people. The overwhelming number of attendees were just normal Americans.

The Leftists are a bit short-sighted when it comes to free speech. They refuse to consider the fact that they will one day be the victims of the same fascism they now condone.

You can’t deny free speech to anyone, much less millions of people, and expect to not lose free speech.

Yet, the Left are rejoicing on Twitter, FB, and elsewhere, at the silencing of fellow Americans.

They hate Devin Nunes. Why? Because they disagree with his political opinion. This next clip is trending on Twitter and it’s used to vilify and mock him.


We also have Democrats demanding every Republican who supported President Trump to be thrown out of Congress. Additionally, they don’t want them to ever get another job. That’s not fascist at all.

As we’ve said, the hate comes from the Left and Biden has zero interest in uniting us. Someone put the ‘unifying’ comment on a teleprompter and he read it, period.

This next person missed the point:

Sedition? No, that would be Nancy.

Come on Amee!

Is Amee really this stupid? Devin has some voice but the rest of us don’t. I was on a FB page with nearly a million ‘likes’ and nearly a million followers, and it was taken down for violating standards. They didn’t say which ones we violated, but they obviously just don’t like our opinions.

Uh, excuse me Sarah, the Left has been violently rioting for years.

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