Leftist Leaders Backed by the West Call for Civil War in Israel


The hard Left is protesting in the streets against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his right-leaning government as they attempt to reform the judiciary. They are calling for civil war, and the West is supporting it via Soros’s foundation and other NGOs. George Soros, now replaced by his son Alex Soros, is great at starting color revolutions.

Netanyahu warned of “the end of the State of Israel” and of crossing “red lines” in protests against judicial reform. Netanyahu said in a statement that “a civil war will be the end of the state.” If their judiciary is anything like ours, it probably needs reform.

A secret anarchist group called “Crime Minister” has relayed secret messages on What’sApp. They are calling for violence in the streets and Civil War in Israel.

Unsurprisingly, the groups include former Prime Ministers Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert, former Chiefs of Staff Dan Halutz and Bogie Ya’alon, Crime Minister founder Yishai Hadas, and Black Flags founders Roy Neuman, Shikma Bressler, and Eyal Schwarzman.

It’s exactly what is going on in the United States only our revolutionaries are in the Executive Branch of government, including the Oval Office.

The former hardcore leftist Prime Minister Barak is calling for a civil war. That’s unbelievably stupid, given all the enemies Israel has outside their borders.

As in the United States, they can’t gain power any other way, but to cheat or use Stalinist measures against their political opponents. The EU, and individually, Germany, and the United States are accused of financing the revolt through NGOs. One of the NGOs involved in the Soros Open Society Foundation.


In their communications, the conspirators admit that the real numbers of protesters have been going down significantly, and while the mainstream propaganda media are reporting hundreds of thousands showing up on the streets, the reality is a whole lot more modest.

One writes: “We need 35,000 people. If the communication system of the struggle headquarters is not able to produce a drama that will bring this number of participants – it’s a sign that we are no longer paid attention to at all. We must take the risk of producing an ultimatum and a dramatic countdown. If this doesn’t mobilize the people – let’s have the salami [method] to generate an appetite.”

Former IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz calls out: “Comrades, if we do not recruit thousands of participants to produce the required effect, then it is better not to do it at all. Efforts should be concentrated on building strength. The message must be correct. I donate three vehicles…”

Former Prime Minister and released prisoner Ehud Olmert shared with his co-conspirators: “At the beginning of the protest, I said that a struggle is not seminars and academic speeches. We need head-to-head and hand-to-hand combat. So, there were reservations concerning the wording because it sounded too aggressive. It seems to me that the validity of the words has not expired. Maybe it’s the contrary. Without violence and breaking the law, but in war as in war.”

Go here to read the rest, but these people are calling for the overthrow of the government and should be in prison, but it won’t happen.

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