Hillary Clinton Cackles as Trump Supporters “Spin Themselves Up”


Hillary spoke to a friendly leftist host and took the opportunity to mock Trump supporters. It’s not enough that she helped destroy Donald Trump, she has to mock those of us who support him.

The Pod Save America host asked a leading question of Hillary, signaling upfront it was a ridiculous idea. “Republicans claim you did the same thing [as Donald Trump] and got off scot-free. Why did your friend Jim Comey let you off so easy?”

Hillary Has Chutzpah

“That’s a really good question. I can’t figure that one out,” she cackled loudly as she spoke, as if it was ridiculous to even say it.

“You know, I do think it’s it’s odd. Let’s just say, to the point of being absurd how that is their only response. You know they refuse to read the indictment. They refuse to engage with the facts. There’s nothing new about that, and what they refuse to admit is, you know, this is on a track about him, not about anybody else.

“No matter how much that they try to confuse people and how much they try to, you know, raise extraneous issues. And it’s going to be fascinating, I guess in a bizarre and sad way, to watch them spin themselves up.

“If you watched any of the news programs this weekend, I mean their efforts to defend this man are truly beyond anything that I ever thought possible in our country. I mean, it is so profoundly disturbing how this could have been the break. This could have been the opportunity to say, you know, thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us. We really appreciate it, you know, but this is kind of serious. And so we’re not going to, you know, continue to defend you, but no, they’re all in again. That’s why the psychology of this is so hard for me to fully grasp, what happened.”

Bleach Bit Hillary is beyond despicable. Like most hardcore leftists, her specialty is being a crazy maker.

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