Leftist reporter attacks the president but refuses to answer key question


During the White House coronavirus press conference on Sunday, President Donald Trump silenced far-left, pro-China CBS reporter Weijia Jiang. He asked her a question she could not answer.

Jiang, who falsely claimed that a member of President Trump’s administration called the coronavirus the “kung flu,” with no evidence, began her exchange with the President by defending communist China from comments President Trump made last week.

The far-left reporter was specifically upset when President Trump said last week, “I was angry because it should’ve been told to us. It should have been told to us early. It should have been told to us a lot sooner. People knew it was happening and people didn’t want to talk about it.”

Jiang then asked if he was talking about China. President Trump responded, “They should have told the rest of the world too.”

The reporter, instead of attacking China, attacked President Trump accusing him of knowing how bad the situation was and not doing anything.

“Many Americans are saying the exact same thing about you, that you should have warned them that the virus was spreading like wildfire through the month of February instead of holding rallies with thousands of people,” Jiang said. “Why did you wait so long to warn them? And why did you not have social distancing until March 16?”

“You didn’t warn people that it was spreading so quickly!” Jiang later said.

She went from shouting out to attacking and never answered the question the president posed to her.

President Trump quickly asked if she was aware of information that was not known at the time.

“Okay, and you know how many people when I issued the ban?” President Trump said. “How many cases of virus were in the United States when I issued the ban? Do you know the number? How many cases were here when I issued the ban?”

Jiang kept deflecting but  President Trump insisted on an answer: “No, no, no. You have to do your research.”

“On the 23rd of March, you said you knew this was going to be a pandemic,” Jiang said.

“How many cases were in the United States when I did my ban?” the President continued. “How many people had died in the United States? … I did a ban where I’m closing up the entire country. How many people died? How many people died in the United States, and yet I closed up the country. And I believe there were no deaths, zero deaths at the time I closed up the country. Nobody was there. And you should say thank you very much for good judgment.”

Jiang kept deflecting and had no answer.

President Trump finally answered – there were zero deaths [On January 31st, when he issued the China travel ban, no one had died and there were 6 people with the virus].

Can you imagine what the leftist media would have done if he closed down the government with no one having the virus?

She kept interrupting the President and was very disrespectful of the office.

As far as a nationwide lockdown, NY Governor Cuomo said the president does not have the authority to declare a nationwide lockdown. Under the constitution, he probably doesn’t. The governors ordered the lockdowns.

On March 16, he issued very strict federal guidelines nationwide. At that time, there were only 57 deaths and a little over 2800 cases.


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