Small business rescue package grows with pork


The House and Senate are finally nearing a deal to fund the Payroll Protection Program after Pelosi and Senate Democrats have held up funding the program for a couple of weeks.

Fox is told that Republicans are becoming increasingly unwilling to approve more massive tranches of money for the pandemic. And, if there’s no consensus, there may not be much else on which for members to vote for a while.

Republicans wanted a clean vote on this bill as with the past bills, but Democrats insist on pork. Republicans have to cave since Pelosi has the House and the media. She holds the purse strings and has a huge podium — the entire [dishonest, far-left] mainstream media.

As long as we have a far-left media, Republicans can’t fight Nancy Pelosi while she is Speaker and she knows it.

Democrats now want rescue funds for the failing corrupt media. We don’t know where things stand with the corrupt balloting issues.

So far, there is an agreement of $310 billion for the Paycheck Protection Program (small business loans).  On top of that, there is a separate provision worth $60 billion ($50 billion in loans, $10 billion in grants) for economic disaster loans.

There is another $75 billion for hospitals but we have no idea how they will use it.

Another $25 billion is set aside for testing.

The total of the package would be north of $470 billion.

That is all we know.

Chad Pergram has been tweeting the contents of the bill so far:

There is more, but basically, we will likely only see large members of Congress on The Hill when a major vote is scheduled. They know the optics are bad.

This huge thing being passed brings us to over 27 trillion dollars in debt. It’s very dangerous, especially as oil continues to crash and our economy is in total lockdown.

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