Legal Expert Suggests McCabe’s Fundraising Effort Was a Massive Fraud


Disgraced former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe collected more than a half-million dollars from the “grassroots” via the crowdfunding site, GoFundMe. The “grassroots” campaign appears to have been put together by the notoriously leftist ‘K street’. It was promoted by Resistance personalities. All of it might have been a massive fraud.

No one understands why it was even done. McCabe doesn’t need the money. He has plenty of money. Jonathan Turley suggests a massive fraud has taken place.

The Far-Left Was Behind the Fundraising Effort

Who is behind it is interesting.

Colin Kalmbacher, writing for Law & Crime names the actors behind the recent great good fundraising fortune of Andrew McCabe.

He writes: McCabe’s cash-collecting prowess was buoyed by several #Resistance-linkedpersonalities and MSNBC’s conspiracy theorist Rachel Maddow, who suggested McCabe should run for office because he’s so good at raising money.

He says further that the campaign was organized by a “K Street” PR firm with ties to Barbara Mikulski and Barack Obama when there was absolutely no need for it — at least not yet.

It Might Have Been a Massive Fraud

George Washington University School of Law Professor Jonathan Turley posted a column on his blog today titled, “The Curious Case of The Andrew McCabe Legal Defense Fund.” It is also posted at The Hill.

In the article, he suggests the entire fundraising effort was an elaborate fraud. He lists the reasons it could be a fraud.

First of all, there is no legal case against McCabe at this time. McCabe has been referred for absolutely no criminal charges and DoJ officials rarely are.

McCabe presents himself as a pitiful victim of the unfair Trump administration on his GoFundMe page appeal. That appears to be the only reason for the fundraising campaign.

It’s also not true. It wasn’t Trump who found him guilty of lying four times, twice under oath, it was career officials, his colleagues.

Furthermore, if the money isn’t used as he suggested or if he’s found guilty, no one will get their money back.

Finally, Turley says McCabe was more interested in presenting himself as a victim than in satisfying any need of a legal defense fund – the entire fundraising campaign was premised on the false narrative that McCabe was losing his pension.

There is also a potential conflict of interest according to Slate reporter Ben Matthis-Lilley: “…the PR and lobbying firm Andrew McCabe’s lawyer founded is helping promote the small-donor fundraising effort to pay Andrew McCabe’s lawyer.”

The so-called grassroots fundraising does not appear to be on the up-and-up. It has a strong political motivation, however.

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