Legally Armed, Wounded Good Samaritan Saves at Least One Life


A legally armed man shot and killed a gunman in Brownsburg, Indiana this past week, after a fatal unprovoked shooting.  The good samaritan saved a second victim’s life.

The 22-year-old suspect, Joshua Christopher Hayes, allegedly attacked two men as they were working in the Brownsburg Cemetery last Tuesday afternoon.  Without provocation, Hayes chased 36-year-old worker, Seth Robertson into an intersection, where he shot and killed him.

As Hayes was chasing the second cemetery worker, one of his bullets whizzed into the vehicle of an unidentified motorist, who was stopped at a red light near the intersection.  The driver was wounded.

The injured man then stepped out of his car, returned fire with a legal weapon, and fatally struck Hayes.

“This tragic event could have been much more disastrous,” Brownsburg Police Capt. Jennifer Barrett told WISH. “Victim three not only saved victim two’s life, but he saved potentially the lives of many others. Victim three did exactly what anybody would have wanted him to do at that scene that day.”

The hero’s attorney, Guy Relford stated, “My client looked….and realized there was one thing he could do and that was taking action to save an innocent life.” He continued, “The scenario was fairly clear to him in that one person was chasing another and the other was saying, ‘no, no, no, no, please don’t shoot me.’”

And as a result of the actions of Mr. Relford’s client, Hayes wanton killing of innocent, unarmed, victims was abruptly halted.

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