FB says reallocating funds away from the police is not defunding the police so they banned our article


We published a story on July 8 about Joe Biden saying he would defund the police and, based on all that military equipment they allegedly have, “they’ve become the enemy.”  The article was taken down from Facebook and we were slammed with two violations for the one article. We are in danger of having the page taken down.

Facebook says that Biden saying he would “absolutely” reallocate funds from the police budgets elsewhere is not the same as defunding the police department. The AP, their fact-checker deemed it mostly false.

So I got hit twice for an accurate article, once for false information and again for not meeting the “community standards.”  “Community standards” is amorphous and a great catch-all. There was no right to appeal.


If you watch the clip below, you will find that Joe says he would “absolutely” take money from the police budget and send it elsewhere. In fact, he “proposed” it.

The article started to take off and they just don’t allow our articles to take off.

During his interview with Chris Wallace this week, the President made the same claim, saying Biden wants to defund the police,  President Trump cited the wrong source so Wallace came out of it mocking him. Wallace knows what Biden said and he didn’t bother to mention it. Instead, he said Biden never said he would defund the police. That’s true — he’ll just take money from them and give it to some voting bloc/

Specifically, Biden said he would reallocate funds from the police department elsewhere. Facebook is saying that reallocating funds is not defunding.

The exchange was recorded at the far-far-left site This Now. Go to 2:50 where Biden says “absolutely” to the question, “can we agree that we can redirect some of the funding?” In order to redirect some funding, you have to take it from the police. He also took note of the military equipment given to police, said they don’t need that and they become the enemy of the people as a result.


Facebook is currently suffering through an intense boycott. Company after company is removing their ads until all so-called hate speech is removed. Disney just took most of its ads off Facebook because they want FB to take all the alleged hate speech off their platform.

You know what that means — they want to erase any trace of the right-wing. We will all soon be gone. If you disagree with these people, you’re spreading hate speech.

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