Lest We Ignore the Peril, Consider America’s Most Dangerous Woman


It’s too easy to write Elizabeth Warren off over her lies and hysterical outbursts but, beware, because she could win the presidency. She has neither the beauty nor the charm of Eva Peron nor does she have the military to back her up, but she does have a Totalitarian message that is beginning to resonate.

Elizabeth Warren, who appears to be edging out Joe Biden for the 2020 nomination, is driven by a strange ideology that gives her license to lie, exaggerate irresponsibly, foment a rebellion, spread hateful messages, and cheer irresponsible governance. There is nothing she won’t say without evidence and there is nothing she won’t give away for free.

Her expressions of hatred for capitalism and CEOs are legion although she calls herself a capitalist. The reason she thinks she can get away with calling herself a capitalist is her contention that she no longer wants to take over industries, just regulate and control them into her idea of success.

Like most of the Democratic [Socialist] candidates, she is stirring up hysteria over the climate.

Global warming does exist and humans might be contributing, but no one can trust the scientists we have today to know what to do. They can’t even predict what will happen tomorrow with any certainty, and certainly not next week.

The climate extremists rely on conservation alone and will force the masses to use energy at a pre-industrial age level, but only in America, not the countries that are actually polluting the earth.

The pollution caused by China and India is the most significant problem, and the totalitarian Democrats have seized upon it and misused it to seize power. They are on the verge of doing so in 2020 or 2024.

Warren has brought climate hysteria to a far more extreme level, calling it a “crisis,” and claiming we all could die very soon, in a decade or so.

The only answer to the dangers she claims are before us is to elect her, a totalitarian and give her power over the entire economic and social strata of the nation.

She recently declared the climate movement is about racial economic justice and workers’ justice. Therefore, if you object to her extremism, you are a racist who is against the American worker and minorities.

“To really address our climate crisis head-on, we must address the legacy of environmental racism and recognize that climate change doesn’t impact every community equally,” she says.

“Black and Hispanic Americans are more likely to be exposed to air pollution than white Americans.  Intense storms bear down on these communities – with recovery that is slow, painful, and often lacking total support from the government.  Latinx families and workers are vulnerable to record heat waves and heat-related deaths.”

Uh, okay, and how does the climate know to zero in on areas where poor and minority families live, Lizzie? And why are you lying about the support we give to victims of “intense storms?” We give a lot of help.

Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts cost $114 billion, Hurricane Maria tallied up to $41 billion. Another $16 billion went to Hurricane Harvey. A great deal of money went to Puerto Rico. It was all paid for by the American taxpayer and the future generations who will pay off our debts if they can.

But it’s not facts first with Warren. It’s not even facts at all.

Warren wants total power over all of it, as does the Democrat Party in general. They will silence and subjugate opposition once they have it all. That much is clear from the censorship, propaganda, and lawlessness we now see when they don’t have a lot of the power. They simply circumvent the law and engage their leftist media.

Free Beacon has an article up today about the Soros-funded [communist] groups who are behind fighting all of the President’s judicial nominees. They are also the group who fought and continue to fight the nomination of Justice Kavanaugh. These groups are far-left Democrat groups that are embraced by the party. They are ‘charities’ and use that umbrella to hide their donors. They don’t even have to file annual tax forms.

Democrats have abandoned truth, due process, and innocence until proven guilty to distract people from the facts of the situations involved.

One of Kavanaugh’s accusers, Dr. Blasey, whose stories were contradictory, lacked facts, and were full of holes, has a lawyer spilling the beans about her motives — she wanted to protect abortion.

Warran’s drama uses the same tactics Blasey and her leftist army employed – lies and hysteria. The problem for Americans is a lot of Americans are falling for it. They want the freebies and they do think our money is hers for the taking. She will use our money to take our freedoms away.

Elizabeth Warren will be far more dangerous than global warming or pollution from China and India. She is a most dangerous woman and, if not her, there’s communist Bernie or malleable-not-all-there Joe who will do as he’s told by the loudest voices in the party and we all know who they are.

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