Levin: Democrats had no authority to do what they did in this election (video)


Liz Cheney went on a verbal rampage against the January 6th electoral objections by Republicans. She described the proposed actions by some Republicans as setting an “exceptionally dangerous” precedent. She ignored the fact that Democrats did the same thing without this level of criticism.

Democrats contested the elections in the past three GOP elections, but that’s apparently okay.

In the clip below, radio host and constitutional lawyer Mark Levin wasn’t responding to Rep. Liz Cheney and the release of a taped conversation between the secretary of state Brad Raffensperger and President Trump among others.

In his show tonight, which is excerpted in the clip below, he told Georgian Republicans to vote on the 5th for the Republicans, describing them as our “last line of defense.”

He said the Democrats repeatedly violated the Constitution.

Mr. Levin said that Raffensperger did not have the power to enter into a consent agreement with Stacey Abrams. He noted that people are entering into undemocratic processes all over the place. All this lawlessness has taken all power away from the lawmakers. Boards of elections, bureaucrats, and other officials lawlessly changed the election process, he stated.

This is a must-see clip:

In a series of tweets, Levin wrote:

“I have not “obtained” a copy of Liz Cheney’s statement, nor did I tape a conversation with the president and leak it to the W Post as someone in the GA sec of state’s office did, but my view has nothing to do with what Trump-hating Cheney is proclaiming or the terrible GA sec of state is now doing.  It has nothing to do with what Ken Buck and his little group are saying, or this Republican or that Republican is warning in defense of inaction.

For me, it is pretty basic.  The electoral process was undermined in several key states by the Democrats — specifically, Art. 2, Sec. 1, Cl. 2.  After their 2016 defeat, the Democrats, their lawyers, and their surrogates succeeded in changing election laws without the backing of certain key state legislatures and, in several cases, against their will.

The Republican state legislatures in several battleground states, including Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia, found their exclusive authority undermined by Democrat executive officials, courts, and even some Republicans in executive authority.  The Republicans declaring they are righteously standing for the Constitution or the states or democracy or what have you by refusing to stand up on Jan. 6 and at least speak out against what has happened, and insist it must never happen again, are contributing to the unraveling the constitutional electoral college process, which they claim to defend.

And Republican voters should take notes and remember, in the next election cycle, who should be replaced.  This is one of those times in our lives and in nation’s history when the failure of public officials to act truly matters.”


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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
2 years ago

This is what republicans do, they cave for fear of the socialist media and this is why I do not donate to the party.

You Know My Name
You Know My Name
2 years ago

Plandemic is the reason for the treason.

2 years ago

What is most curious is why so many republicans of the “old guard” are so adamant in preventing “an objection”. One would think it’s the end of the world as we know it. Are they so worried that Trump just might pull it off. But that would be a ridiculous thought, as all those raising a ruckus know full well it won’t change the outcome. The only remaining concern is “the debate” that it will bring. The two bodies “debate” all the time so why any concern. At the end of the debate will be a vote. Uh oh, there will politicians that Have to go “on the record” and what do they do if real evidence is presented. It’s either fulfill their hatred for Trump, in full view, or suffer the slings and arrows of the “media class”, which is by far more “scary”.