Levin this impeachment is an assault on the Constitution by radical leftists


This Democrat impeachment against President Donald J. Trump is a dangerous assault on the Constitution and the separation of powers, just as it was by radical Republicans against Andrew Johnson. Levin studied the Johnson impeachment and he is well-versed on the Clinton impeachment. In this sound clip, Levin gives a great analysis of this impeachment.

People are trying to compare the Clinton impeachment with this impeachment, claiming Clinton’s was only about sex. It wasn’t about sex. It was about him trying to fix a case, lying, and abusing women.

Clinton was accused of 11 crimes (felonies), including abuse of power which was, however, tied to felonious behavior. A deal was cut with Clinton. He had to confess and apologize, to avoid removal. He did all of that.

Bill Clinton lied repeatedly to fix the case of Paula Jones, who went to the Supreme Court and won.

He said, “The House managers are radical leftists representing the DNC and the Democrat Party. There is not a single felony, not one, that is asserted because there can’t be, not one, not a single constitutional violation…not a single court order that he violated” because he didn’t. “It is strictly a separation of powers battle.”

Levin explains how the unpopular, unsympathetic Andrew Johnson, averse to Reconstruction, was an unsympathetic figure, but he was wronged by the radical Republicans.


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