Levin: “Warmongers” Is the Language of CCP, Hamas, KGB, Bernie?


Sen. Mike Lee wrote on X, “The Senate should say NO to the warmonger wishlist pushed through by Speaker Johnson.” He linked to a list of items in the bill.

Mark Levin took the comment badly, saying, “Warmongers? That’s pathetic, Mike. You use the language of the Chinese communists, Hamas terrorists, and old KGB Russians, not to mention the Squad and Bernie Sanders, to smear everyone and anyone who wants to help our allies. What’s next, neocons? Talk about uniparty. Look who you’re standing with.”

Looking at the Israel section, you wonder why Levin is angry. They’re tying Ukraine and Israel’s aid together.

My favorite on the list of waste passed yesterday is the training of “gender advisors” in Ukraine’s military. That’s in Johnson’s bill. That’s what Ukrainians need??? Seriously? They don’t need to operate the weapons as long as they use the proper pronouns.

Of course, not securing US borders and paying for Ukraine’s border patrol makes sense to no one ever.

The last one is quite clever – funding Hamas and pretending it’s going to Gaza for humanitarian purposes, even though that’s never happened.

As Sen. Lee says, even The Great One can be wrong.

What do you think? Should we ban the word “warmongers.”

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