Lia Thomas Cannot Compete in the Olympics – Lost Lawsuit – It’s Over


Swimmer Lia Thomas, who is a fully-endowed biological male, demanded he be allowed to compete against women in the Olympics.

He can’t since he lost a lawsuit. It’s over with this lawsuit.

Lia Thomas

Thomas, 25, had asked the Court of Arbitration for Sport to overturn a ban on biological males competing against women in hopes of racing at the Games.

He asked women out on dates and exposed himself in women’s locker rooms. Lia is a grifter, not a legitimate transgender.

He became the first transgender athlete to win a NCAA college title in 2022 and has since been banned from competing against biological women in international events following a change in regulations.

He tied with Riley Gaines, and they gave the award to him instead of sharing it or giving it to the actual woman.

This loss is a fatal blow.

Fake transgenders are grifters.

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